Community Guidelines

We welcome and encourage you to comment on articles, announcements and features on the ROH website and social media platforms.

All viewpoints are welcome, but please be constructive (including in any criticism) and polite in your responses. Do ask questions, share opinions, and add information to the articles. 

Prior to posting, all comments go through moderation which may cause a delay on the publication of your post. The aim of moderation is to ensure our platforms are inclusive and safe, bearing in mind our duty of care to audiences, staff and artists. 

We publish as many comments as possible, but we may not publish:

  • Overly personal comments or comments that may cause offence
  • Promotional comments
  • Comments from users posing as someone else. 

We reserve the right not to publish content and/or remove comments if they are in breach of our community guidelines. If comments are edited in moderation to conform to guidelines, this will be noted in the published version.

If you have a query relating to our guidelines please contact us.

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