American Friends of Covent Garden

If you are based in the USA then do consider joining the American Friends of Covent Garden (AFOCG). Members receive a variety of privileges and benefits in thanks for their support are available for members, both for performances and events at the Royal Opera House in London and when the Companies appear on tour in the USA.

Find out more about the many benefits of membership, the different options available and ways to give, on the dedicated AFOCG website here

The AFOCG is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations made by US taxpayers are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by the IRS.

Board of Directors

Mercedes T. Bass
Life Trustee and Chair Emerita

John P. McGinn

Mrs Susan A. Olde OBE
Vice Chair

John G. Turner
Vice Chair

Alex Beard CBE
Chief Executive, Royal Opera House

Sir Lloyd Dorfman CVO CBE
Chairman, Royal Opera House

Sir Simon Robey
Hon. Vice-President Royal Opera House

G. Scott Clemons

  • Erika Bearman
  • Susan S. Braddock
  • Max Cartellieri
  • Peggy Czyzak Dannenbaum
  • Misook Doolittle
  • Lord Eatwell
  • HRH Princess Firyal of Jordan
  • Simon Freakley
  • Beth Wade Glynn
  • Lady Caroline Grainge
  • Joan Granlund
  • Frederick Iseman
  • Christopher Jones
  • Bruce Kovner
  • Alan G. Levin
  • Beth Madison
  • Isabelle Mee
  • Rebecca Morse

David A. Shevlin
Legal Counsel

John G. Turner Secretary

Milena Sales Executive Director

  • Spindrift Al Swaidi
  • Mrs Nancy Austin
  • Mr and Mrs James Brice
  • Mr and Mrs Paul Collins
  • Dr Ian Jones and Ms Virginia Crum-Jones
  • Ms Shawn M Donnelley and Professor Christopher M Kelly
  • Paul Friedman & Diane Manley
  • Sherry & Mike Guthrie
  • Charles and Kaaren Hale
  • Chris O'Kane and Kathleen De Guzman
  • Mrs Susan A. Olde OBE
  • Gabriela and David Porges
  • Kathryn Uhde
  • Diane Apostolos-Cappadona
  • Laura Holleman
  • Judith Jonas
  • Lawrence Kern
  • Ford Lacy
  • Shannon Lawder
  • Peter Nielsen
  • Jakob Nielsen
  • Hannah Packard
  • Teresa Seeger
  • Josephine Baurac
  • Charles Hinkle
  • Edward Jaber

  • Paul C. Palmer
  • Carlos Palomares
  • Richard Shapiro
  • David Alpers
  • John Clark
  • Bert Cornelison
  • James Cross
  • Joseph DeFeo
  • Younghee Kim-Wait
  • Janice Kunkel
  • Kevin Park
  • Robert Ronus
  • Margaret Rudolph
  • Jill Slater
  • Karen Smith
  • Christine Steiner
  • Lisa Sturt
  • Mark Villamar
  • Ian Wilson
  • Anonymous (6)

Need more information?

If you require more information on American Friends of Covent Garden, please contact:

Milena Sales
American Friends of Covent Garden
40 West 51st Street, #5155
New York, NY 10020
Telephone: 917-324-8277

Jessica Thompson
Development and Enterprises Department
Royal Opera House at Covent Garden
London WC2E 9DD
Telephone:(011) 44 20 7212 9268

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